How To Find A Roommate?

Sometimes, the rent is a bit too high for you not to share the apartment with somebody else. If you thought to hunt for a new apartment or moving in was a difficult and stressful task, you should know that humans are even more stressful than that. And finding somebody that will agree to split the rent AND the rooms with you is quite a difficult task. A good roommate is like a diamond: rare to find and most of them are taken anyway.

There are plenty of new apartments in Virginia Beach that are currently occupied by several ‘roommates’ i.e. more than one person.

Surely, there are plenty of sites like Craigslist on which you can find a roommate easier, but you will still have to filter the people and find the best one for you. Humans are the hardest to deal with when looking for a place to live in.

You will be able to use some of the apps that are presented in this article, as well as the tips and tricks that should make your search an easier task.

First, let’s take a look at the tasks. Room, for instance, is a lot like Tinder. You can browse through hundreds of profiles and see which one fits you best based on their schedule and their lifestyle. They also have an inbuilt chat so you will be able to talk to that person through the app, which is a great feature. Unfortunately, it is only available in New York and San Francisco, so we will probably have to wait a bit until it reaches other places as well.

Roomsurf is an app that was initially designed for college students, and it still is. This app will allow you to complete a survey, and you will qualify for a certain type of roommates. It will make dorm assignments easier.

EasyRoommate is one of the most popular apps out there, mainly because it is also heavily extended into 37 countries. It is also among the largest apps that are designed for matching people with potential roommates. There are plenty of variables included in the criteria for finding a roommate on this app and gender is one of them.

Roomster is available in 92 countries. What makes it so different from the others? On this app, you will be able to find rental apartments based on your budget and other criteria such as size and nearby facilities. If somebody also wants to rent the same apartment you want to, you will be notified.

What you will have to realize is that these apps are very much like dating sites (minus the dating part; unless that’s what you’re into). This means that you will have to be up-front and investigate a lot. Most roommates that share rentals in Virginia Beach need to have at least a compatible schedule.

All in all, there are plenty of apps you can use to find the ideal roommate for you.